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This package includes all you need to start up your own business or add to an existing business to start genertaing revenue from FunFood machines Sales or Hires 


Platinum Package Includes 

  • Double Slush Puppy Machine Machine
  • CandyFloss Machine 
  • 8oz Popcorn Machine 
  • Ice Cream Machine Soft Serve
  • HotDog Machine
  • 60cm Candy Ferris Wheel
  • 5 x  Slush Syrup 
  • Box of Spoon Straws
  • Box of Slush Cups 
  • 2 tubs of Candy Sugar 
  • Box Candy Cones (1,000)
  • Popcorn Kernels / Pre made Popcorn 
  • Popcorn Cups/Cones 
  • 5 x 5l Ice Cream Mix 
  • 5 Sleeves of Sundae Cones
  • Bag of Spoons 
  • HotDog Thongs 
  • Hot Dog Sauce Bottles 
  • HotDog/Popcorn Cart 
  • CandyFloss Cart 


All you need to start hiring/selling with all supplies required 


Great profits to be made with up to 40% Margin on Sales and Hire investment paid back in 8 hires 

Platinum Start Up Package